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Beth Hamacher

Lake Central School Corporation
Technology Trainer
Saint John, IN
I have worked in the Lake Central School Corporation for 15 years. I was a second grade teacher for 11 of those years. I incorporated my own technology activities into the grade 2 curriculum and eventually became the "Go-To" tech person for my building. I attended workshops and conferences, then would share my knowledge with my building staff. Four years ago, I became a Technology Trainer within the Lake Central Elementary schools. In this role, I attend curriculum meetings with staff to enhance the development of grade-level specific curriculum. I also train staff on our newest technology and software throughout the school year. I work closely with teachers and classes to ensure students are recieving opportunities that align with ISTE standards as well as Indiana's newly adopted Computer Science Standards. My goal is to facilitate the integration of technology; making curriculum development and implementation less of a burden and more of a smooth, comfortable success.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, June 15

9:45am CDT